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Fresh Ideas

We believe original ideas get through more effectively.  The surprise element of our activities fully engage the teams we work with, and reveal much more about their character. Our clients value the time and effort we put in to customize each of their activities to their organizational goals.

Attention to Detail

What sets us apart from other team building companies is our optional Takeaway Lessons presentation.  Incorporated throughout your activity are specially designed tests which are observed and if elected can be reviewed in depth in a closing discussion.  Team Building Productions functions as a productivity consultant that will help you get a view of your team in a different light. Some valuable insights we highlight are:

Effective communication techniques

How to praise, acknowledge, & use effective language

Identifying over-reliance on measurement or quantitative goals

Encouragement of expression of unique ideas 

Perspective development/ input from supporting players

Identifying roles and growth opportunities

Collaboration on new ideas

Our Talent

Team Building Productions talent staff is one of a kind.  Each city's local representatives has management experience, undergoes motivational speaker training, and has professional speaking experience.  In addition, a wide range of prior industry experience is represented by our nationwide staff (sales industries, technology, finance and insurance etc).  We are familiar with the industry-specific challenges involved with keeping a motivated and energized team performing productively year-round. 


Putting thought into the recreational activities of your workforce will motivate them to work harder for you, but it is challenging and you will rarely accomplish this with typical team building activities.  Pricey retreats at exotic resorts lack our attention to detail and will leave your team clock-watching and more interested in the food and drink service to come. We offer an experience superior to typical team building activities.   Please share your specific short or long term goals so that we can incorporate them into your activity.  

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